i miss him.. :(

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i miss him very much...i want to see him for a while..
it's a long time not see him.. :(

owhh~!i can't stop stalking him.. ^^ hehe...
i miss his laugh..
i miss his smile
i miss his face
i miss to see his eyes..~

KYAAAA~! I'm going crazy to him.. ( 0.0 )

Not INtro.. :P

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peace~! this is the best gift i get on my birthday.. :DD

ありがとうございました!私は永遠にこれをしておこう.. ^^
hehe..can you read it?^0^
<ignore the background>

i can't choose between KPOP and anime/manga/chibi.. :P
so i put both of it..<in my file>
that drawing is bad,right? >:o


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a new interesting band,VOCALOID!

owh~Miku is here too? :0

Ritsu Namine..~

#soooo kawaiiiii!!!! XD

SNSD - OH! -japanese version-

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hello~!how are you?
haha..me?i'm fine but a bit crazy..:P
hurm..i wanna post about SNSD - OH! japanese version.. :DD <picture>


the eyesmiler,Fany

The ice princess,Jessica

Innocent Maknae,Seohyun <= my bias :P

Dancing queen,HyoYeon :)


Dorky Leader,TaeYeon

shiny black pearl,Yuri

more beautiful than flowers,Yoona

The Aegyo Queen,Sunny

K-ON! - Hirasawa Yui

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hello there..~!
i got some picture from gaiaonline.com
it's Yui pic!

Yui with castanet..~ ;)
what she say?
shy face..XDD

i'm going crazy!

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I keep watching your picture..owh..I realize that my sister is behind me~

oh no~!!she have know my crush!!

i want you

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i want you~
i wish you were here.. :(
i wait for you almost 2 hours..always check my inbox to see your message..
i ask you,you're not answering.. :/
where are you?
i really2 need you.. :[

always waiting for you.. :(

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huk..huk..huk.. TT^TT
i'm always waiting for him..~ i think this is stupid..:(
he's not care 'bout me..

i'm try to forget him,but i can't...
he make me happy..
although i have to wait him for a long time...~ 

- Aihara Miki -

L O V E S Y N D R O M :P

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the other LOVE SYNDROM is you keep watching his face..haha...~ i'd do it before.. XD
when i miss him..i visit his facebook and keep watching his picture..aaaaa~

he's CUTE~!
i love his smile.. :)


- Aihara Miki -

L O V E S Y N D R O M :P

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sometimes,when we like someone..,our face will be *blushing*
huhu..as same as me..yahh..
sometimes when we talk with our crush,our heartbeat will beat as fast as a racing car..wow!!

that's called LOVE SYNDROM..

what you can do is tell him or keep it secret.. :P

up to you..

- Aihara Miki -

M Y F A N T A S Y :P

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 i hope you were here..
to accompany me ..
to get through all this stupid things..

i hope you are were here..
to love me with all your heart..



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his smile is soooo cute!
i want to pinch him!!! XD

when i saw his smile..
i think i will faint.. :o

#don't ask who is that guy.. =,=" it's my fantasy.. :p

just a minute

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we couple for a minute and clash..so what the problem??
that's my problem,not yours..you don't have to busy body ..:p

stop looking at my stuff ! but you can stare at my drawing.. O.o

- Aihara Miki -


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you think who you are?
crop your chatbox and show the others about the people who chat with you <stupidity>
then?after chat with me,you'll crop our conversation and show to your friend how stupid am i..
after that you update your status like this :~" WTH with this girl?"
i think you're the crazy one!!


-Aihara Miki-

read this~!

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hey guys..
don't believe that i'm a real japanese girl..
i'm just a roleplayer..haha..~!
i'm a Malay..~my fake name is Aihara Miki.. :)
don't get mad,yeah?haha!!


"oppa gangnam style,oppa gangnam style..
op op op op..."

i hate you.. :p

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彼女は雌犬です!私は彼女が彼女の悪い態度を実現願っ..: P

しかし、なぜあなたは小さな家に住んでいますか? =、=
それは秘密ましょう.. ^ ^

my name

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My name is Aihara Miki
I am 13 years old..
i live at Osaka,Japan
you can call me Miki-san
I am Yui's fan..
Yui Hirasawa is the best~!
i hope i can learn how to play guitar from her..^^

Nice to meet you..:D

::AIHARA Miki::


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彼女は怒るでしょう...犬のように〜 :p

my brother..^o^

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how?cute?haha..for me yes!~
you?i don't know..i hope as same as me..:)


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K-ON! manga series

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K-ON! manga volume 1 featuring Yui Hirasawa..^^

K-ON! manga volume 2 featuring Mio Akiyama

K-ON! manga volume 3 featuring Ritsu Tainaka

K-ON!manga volume 4 featuring Tsumugi Kotobuki

that's all that i can show you..huh!it's tired to find all this cover..XD
for your information it is 860 yen each..*i think*


Fall in Love in The Rain

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yeah~!i fall in love..
mad at first..love at last..ahaha..
yahh..always like that..hoho..~don't get misunderstanding... =p

remember forget about that..talk later..~
^///^ ..

#a weird syndromn when fall in love.. XD

Do Not READ!!

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I  H A T E  T O  B E  A T  H O M E..~
because of my lazy stupid sis..that messy thing always ..urghh~!!
because of my neighbours that always make noisy sound ..aishhh~!!

I  H A T E  T O  B E  A T  S C H O O L..~
>>>i don't want to tell it...<<<

P E A C E..~!


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huhu..how to change this blog adress?it's ugly and like annoying !! T^T
#oh my blog..:(
someone who can help me,comment yeaa?

imma really2 need your help and your kindness..*PEACE!*

Under construction!!

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#hrap maklum...~

a story without subtitle II

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sy sensitif...klau sy geram..,sy conteng buku...n' lukis sgala kesedihan,kemarahan dlm bntuk komik.. :)
sy pelik...sy lupa apa yg org ckp masa tu..lpas bbrapa hri bru sy ingt apa yg dia ckp.. :I

now you're reading my habits..<= Oh,my english!!>o<


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sy nk perkenalkn adek sy..hehe..~ klau xcomeyl jngn kutuk..xbaek..!

cer teka..dia gigit apa? ^o^

posing nmpakk...~


once again got alergy~!!

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skali lg aq naik alergi ngan prangai mamat tuh..cam B--i...mujur aq tulis pnuh ajer...
title mmg english..the contain in malay..pelik x?apa2 je lh..start ari ni,aq tlis stail rojak je lh..~
sbb jantan tu lh..eiiiiiiiiii~!!!

crazy boy..~! X(

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bdn aq dh naik alergi dngn prangai dia..eiiiii~!!geram btol aq..nk tnjuk blagak plak dpn pompuan..ape klass?
aq hrp kau xkan kawen smpai bila2..nk sngt mnunjuk dpn org.. >XP
    kau ingt kau tuh hensem sngt ke?muka cam jamban xsiap,nk kutuk org..balikkk lha..~ ntah hapehape prangai jantan tuh...naik ruam kat muka aq nih...

aq xkan maafkn kau smpai bila2...smpai mmpos...!!!mnyampah aq...~ tngk lh..,kau mntak maaf camne pn aq xkn maafkan.. NEVER,NEHI,TAKKAN !!!