a story without title

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today is ,my birthday.....and my parent is not around.. :(
i need someone to talk.. :/

#aper yg aq dpt nnti eh?aq hrp dpt notebook.. hope so... :I
 the good news is no more exam!!! XD

heart break

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yeah..heart break..
that word is synonime with me..always get hurt from a boy..
my heart can't except anyone until now..b'cause of HIM~!!

Anime Freak..XD

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ommmooooo!~i keep watching this anime all time!!


Shokora No Mahou


Ouran HighSchool Host Club

hohoho..~You know k-on?i love Ritsu and Yui..they're cute!

i h a t e y o u

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i hate you..
i hate her because she's sooo annoying.. ;I

i love you..
because you're my BFF..

#then,WTH with BFF??
*don't know too.. :)


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what the title mean?nothing..just a title...
i'm posting the boring thing,rite?

hey2..,please follow my twitter by click the 'blue bird' button~!!
 mello yueyaa @animefreak_ya

*_* kekekeke...
i want to go back to Kelantan.. :(
i miss Ain,Fynn,Ayien,Annisa,Han,Aqish,Mc naa,Wan,Wanny (budop baep),Alin and others..
bhuk..huhuhu... :'((

why the font colour changed?? :0

until Now on~!

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what the heck with the title?
haha~! it's just a title ,not about this entry..^o^
and i'm proud...you?

Malay Mode :ON!

haha..~daa start dh...Hari Raya dh dekat..
persiapan?dh ready dh kot..<-- boleh plak ckp cmtu..?
ceyh..~! best giler ar smalam..main pijak2 kasut smbil kata "Last Day"
bengang muka org yg kasutnya dipijak..Haha..sory yerk..XDD

Tp,ada gak org yg mrah...tu org yg malas basuh kasut lerr tu...wahaha..pdn muke..*jht orh*

Back to English Mode..~

hope you're understand with my story...hehe...~
hurmm..now my interest about Kpop is totally decrease! 
and my interest about anime,manga ,jpop is increase...~!!higher~

suggesting ;try hear the AAA 'with you" song..if you're inuyasha's fan,you must know it,kay..:))

Raya - Holiday - Test

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this Sunday is Hari Raya for Muslim..
So,Selamat Hari Raya..^0^

tomorrow,thursday holiday started..i don't know what to do..=,-
aishhh!!So,my test will continued after Hari Raya celebration..\hate it!!


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how are you today?how my blog look?funny?interesting or cute?

oh yaa~!yesterday SNSD's 5th anniversary..~CHUKKAE!congrats.~!! :*
sOnes support you! <3