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Acchi Kocchi * Otonashi Io *

Hey ^.^ Assalamualaikum ~ :>
I don't know what I'm going to write . *krik krik krik*
I want to watch anime but this internet ...not allow me to do that T~T
It becomes slower..slower..and..tap! stop -_- *fling myself*
ah ~ tomorrow is the last day to puasa lah~ :/
hmm . . . . 
then,waiting for 1 syawal .
rasa macam ak sorng je yang semangat nak raya ==''
siap gi iron baju lagi..padahal nnti sumbat dalam beg,berkedut jugak >;<
gyahahahahaha~ ~

sepanjang bulan Ramadhan nih...kat sekolah,ak asyik lukis
bukan lapar..saja amik mood :P

Acchi Kocchi

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from the right ; Otonashi Io , Tsumiki Miniwa , Haruno Hime ,Sakaki Inui , Katase Mayoi ,
Sakimori Saki , Saibara Kyouya , Miyama Kana

Acchi Kocchi  ( Place to Place )
school life , a story about a girl ; Tsumiki falls in love to Otonashi Io because of they're close friend .
she's a shy,childish & tsundere type . Her best friends are Mayoi-chan & Hime .

always teased by Mayoi because of her shyness & afraid to confess .


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Tsumiki - short-tempered person towards Mayoi, who often teases Tsumiki about her feelings for Io, resulting in heavy punishments such as throwing Mayoi against a wall.

Mayoi - Tsumiki's best friend .  Loves to tease Tsumiki which often brought her severe repercussions from the latter. 

HimeEasily gets a nosebleed when she's flustered or riled up.

Io - He is dense and stoic, yet kind at heart. He is oblivious toTsumiki 's crush on him, but she is the closest girl to him regardless

Inui - Together with Mayoi, he makes up the prankster duo in the friendship circle

credit to ; Acchi Kocchi Wikia

Tuesday .

Comeback X3

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Hey ! Assalamualaikum ~
comeback after a few months ..not update --''
feel like missing something .. *bajet je buat comeback :P *
busy with watching anime .. and Running Man XDD
can't stop laughing LOL !

I don't remember what the episode's totally awesome ! *-*
addicted when Mirah give me her pendrive..full of running man =='
and now ,I can't concentrate to my anime . T^T *sobsobsob*
but,I will never stop being an Otaku :>