scream--->upsr result on thursday!

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upsr result will given on this Thursday!!<----i think i will die.....=.='

this is not my face...---->                

if i scream that time..,it will be more worst...ahaha...

i'm crazy to these anime..~xD lol!

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haa!this is one of my favourite anime...kyaa!!<owhh,i used to watch it in japanese!ehehe>

the 2nd anime...yahhh!this story ; tragic,romantic,comedy...bla3...

ok..see then..!~c:

freedom just begin!

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yup!just like the word said...the UPSR is gone..n' the freedom just coming...,but i think i'm not so free...sometime,i think ,"why i can't go anywhere just like my other classmates?" :'((( sad when thinking the same time,i feel,''wow!dh nk form 1 laa...mesti rindu kat sk islaH...~"

APink ~> my new crazy korean love!!

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why i start liking APink ??ermm..because of this video!!

ohh!!they're soooo CUTEE!!they such an cute angel from the SKY!!
but don't think i'm not crazy to SNSD anymore..
i'm still love them yahhh!!

i hope this band will always success!!APink!go pinky all this world with your happiness!!~~
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hi sones!!did you realize that we have 9 days more to celebrate Tiffany's birthday!!owhh!feel so think what we gonna do to celebrate Tiffany??

hepy besday,SEOHYUN!!!

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seohyun,i want to say something to you..but i have writed it at the,you know...?HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKNAE, will always be in my seomates heart...forever and after...

SMTOWN updates, Technical rehearsals + more photos in Paris

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With the first SMTOWN LIVE PARIS CONCERT quickly approaching, many new photos were recently added to SMTown’s Facebook page.
The photos include the preparation for the upcoming performances with TECHNICAL REHEARSAL.
Additionally, photos of SM Entertainment’s stable of artists including SNSD, Super Junior, TVXQ, f(x), and SHINee enjoying the sights and sounds of Paris were also shared. With all the photos taken, I wouldn’t be surprised if SM Entertainment made a photo book from this trip.
Check out the exciting photos below!

SNSD, look at Seohyun`s baby face =)

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she looks  gorgeous
specially look at her flawless and clear skin
such a baby face.
good luck with  your concert in France!
I will support you Yeah !!!
source: KOREA.COM

SNSD’s Sunny went to the Hospital #prayforsnsd

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A Summary of Sunny’s incident today:
When the concert just started, people did not notice anything weird, until when the girls started their self introduction, sones noticed that Sunny was not as bright. And from Etude onwards, Sunny never appeared on the stage, her solo stage was also cancelled.
No one knew what happened to Sunny, until towards the end of the concert, Taeyeon told everyone that Sunny went to the hospital.
Yet after that Sunny suddenly appeared on the stage, she was still wearing the outfit they used for the first stage. She kept apologising to everyone, saying that “Sorry for making everyone worried for me, because I’m not the only one who’s not feeling well due to the busy schedule, but thank you everyone for giving us support and energy.”
She also said that “I’m not the only one who’s sick in SNSD, but I left the stage halfway, I’m so sorry! I went to the hospital for some infusion just now.”, and she continued apologising.
And then Taeyeon cried, Seohyun also cried. Taeyeon also hugged Sunny and said thank you. Everyone shouted “Sunny” to cheer her up.
Seohyun also said, “Having a tour concert has been our goal and dream, because of you we’re able to let it come true within a short period of time, thank you!”
It left with the last song – fantastic. Sunny really sang along, but all nine girls cried hard while singing. Seohyun cried especially hard, she even hugged Sunny all of a sudden, while Sica helped Sunny wipe away her tears.
After the concert ended, no one left. Everyone shouted “So nyuh shi dae”, waving their lightsticks. And this lasted for some times before everyone left.
Japanese Sones all commented that they feel proud knowing SNSD, at the end of the concert.
Sones are trending #prayforsnsd on twitter to show their love and support, trying to do something for their 9 exhausted angels. Join in the trend too!
Cr: SNSD Baidu Bar fenfen_93

i don't know why..

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i don't know life not complete without korean n' their songs...
i don't know life not complete without facebook n' blogger...
i don't know life not complete without my family,my BFF n' my phone...~

till this second,i still don't know why my life not complete with all this thing


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hyep!!i wanna introduce u to my new i using tumblr. as my second n' third blog!!

not so gud coz i love to using BLOGGER!!heheh~~ 
see u~~...

Will All My Heart! -dengan sepenuh hatiku-

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Chapter 1 : AnnyeOnghaseyo! (hello)

seOhyun's P.O.V (bhg. seohyun)
        Aku melangkah ke dalam sekolah baruku dengan hati yang gementar.Hanya satu benda shj yg aku bwat ; senyum.terdapat satu kumpulan perempuan yg rsa2 nya 8 org ahlinya xjauh xthu knapa aq rsa suka pda mreka (bkn sbagai kekasih laa) walaupun aq xknal lntas senyum pda mreka dan..mreka bls smula!
      Tiba2 , "Ahh!" aq t'langgar dngn seseorg.Oh!inilah kesilapan pertamaku pada jam peRtamaku di sekOlah!!Bukuku 'terbang' entah ke m'mndang k'bwh ,"mianei..mianei..(maaf..maaf..)"

kyuhyun's P.O.V (bhg. kyuhyun)
       Aq sdg mncari teman wanitaku,Krystal.Tiba2 seorg minah yg trbang entah dri mna mlanggar ku..Ahh!minah ni dh bazirkn msa aq btol!! "hoii,xder mata ker?!" Urhh,aq xprnah jumpa dia sbelum ni.."kau sper?," aq b'tnya.."sy bdk bru kat sini..mianei.." dia m'mbls...Oh ,bgus KACANG,MENTEGA dan SANDWISH!!ianya aym yg lain!!aq rsa sngguh...STRESS!! mcm nk MATI!!dh laa aq bru b'gduh ngan KrystAl mlm tadi!!URHHH!!

Yonghwa's P.O.V(bhg. yonghwa)
       Apa Kyuhyun buat dngn bdk perempuan tu??aq rsA tadi dia sdg cri Krystal.nnti aq akn ckp ngan dia.Aq mndekatinya dan mndngr dia sdg mnengking dan m'marahi perempuan itu.."Yo!...Kyuhyun,apa yg b'laku nih?" "xder apa2..aym ni bru jerr lnggar aq 'time' aq nk cri Krystal.." Kyuhyun m'mbls."hanya sbb tu?ko ni mmg xmatang larr..."mata Kyuhyun b'alih kat aq.."Aper2 pon aq dh jumpa Krystal kau xdi,kat locker dia....jd pergi lahh kjar dia dan tinggalkn perempuan nih sndiri...OK?"aq mnambah..."apa2 jer lahh" dia m'mbls..

Krystal's P.O.V(bhg. krystal)
       "Krystal!" satu suara yg agk kuat menghntikan b'pling k'blkg,mcm yg aq agk..itu suara Jessica,kmbrku."masih b'gduh lgi ker ngan Kyu?" dia b'tanya.


introducing a neW stOry...~

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hey,wanna read a stORy??i have a's abOut korean...the title is 'With All My Heart!'let me intrOduce the characters...:

          --->SUJU (super juniOr)
         --->hyuna (4minutes)
         --->lizzy (After School)
         --->UEE (after school)
         --->min ho
         --->Jun Ho
GenRe : rOmantic ComedY
real stOry ~fynn~

# i juzt help fynn 2 translate it..hehe #

we r a s0ne gurl~!!!!

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juzt for a s0ne gurl...if want,u can cOpy it N' pOst to ur blOG..hihi...~~

snsd - b0yfrienD - d0wnload!!

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    hey...this is one of my fav. d0wnload the adress n then click download..but you must wait 20 sec. so long..hihi...

'b0ut SnSd~~huhuhu..

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member :~
                --->tae yeon
                --->seo hyun
                --->hyo ye0n
                --->soo y0ung

Hometown: Seoul, Korea.

Record Label: SM Entertainment.
Girls’ Generation (Hangul: 소녀시대; Hanja: 少女時代) Chinese name Shao Nü Shi Dai, Japanese name ShōJo JiDai is a South Korean nine-member girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. The members include (in order of official announcement) Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (the leader), Jessica, and Sunny. International Girls’ Generation fans usually refer to the group as SNSD, the acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae. Many of the members had already pursued an entertainment career before Girls’ Generation’s debut through acting, DJ-ing, and modeling. Their official fanclub is known as S♡NE (소원) also one of the titles of a song from their first album. Girls’ Generation sold 100,000 copies of their album in South Korea, being the first girl group to do so since 2002.

Girls generation vs. super junior

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who's better??

ost winter sonata-only you -ryu

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soo sad when heard this song..not so ni kan jiwang terlebih..haha..enjoy..owhh..i also add this song at my ipod touch..hehe


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_bef0re edited :

after edited by :

dig!tal p!c~~

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one more2
so cute yaa??

no sad_f0cus...0_o

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all my friends give me strenght to live...arghh..feel so ashamed coz write that p0st..i don't know what i'm thinking...i will never post like that...~~

tellim a story_my life!

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hari ni sy nk bgitau 1 story ab0ut my life!!sbelum tu sy nk tanya,knapa susah sngt nk cari BFF?!
           Even 'a' BFF??klau ada pun mungkin akn mnyakitkan hati or tikam blakang kita or xmenghargai erti p'sahabatan...arghh!!so miserable when think that...susah btol nk cari kawan baik yg ader pada msa susah dan snang!!knapa??i need a shoulder to cry on!ade sorang yg sy anggap bff tuh sngt mnyakitkan hati..dia cuma ada apabila sy snang..bila susah,lubang hidung pun lain xthu apa yg sy rsa...they always look down and play on me!!they think i'm a doll??!when sad,play with me,when happy,leave me alone!!
             yes!i've a problem...i've make a big mistakes..i've choose a wrong people to make a i'm feel so miserable..argghhh!!even i cries every night,bnda tu takkan berubah....

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i make this oh! snsd pic. bcome glitter!!u can go at the adress i've give u....up there yaa!

i'm frusting n0w!!!!!

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arghh!frust nye hari ni......dh laa x d'pilih dlm S.I.R (spell it right)...,bju bsah pulak 2(kne hujan...,slah sndiri..sper suruh main..kan kna!b0000!!!!!!)....nyampah!!pastu ngantukk lgih....:(  ....everything is not OK!everything is KO!!!!uhuk3~~~...................nothing on me....

about n0thinG...

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boring + em0 cry + em0 luv + miss my friends + miss to learn (first time i feel want to learn?weird yaa?) + so tired = what type of things i feel now?!!!!!!     

MY life,my dreams in this 2011

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i wanna get
in my UPSR!!

blue gurlzz did it!

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ermm...dh lma xtulis 'post'....mesti dh bosan ngan blog ni kan?(biar laa xderr org bca pon!)asyik bca bnda sama jerr...haa!!nk thu x...,sy nga BFF sy len dpt Anugerah UBB 1 untk smua thn....thn 1-5 ~org yg dpt no. 1-3 jerr dpt...
      yg drjh 6 smua yg bleh no 1-3 & yg dpt 5A,4A,3A jerr dpt hadiah...hadiah nyaa 1 sijil,duit(buat smpan!) n' pin gmbr pin tu xde...xsdh upload ag...hehe...nnti lain kali je la....xpromise ek...

*sy dpt 5a!hehe...

japan babies!

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look!i have new pic. from google!!!
die buat PEACE!hahah...ader 1 ag erkk

wekkk!!!!ape bnda yg dia mkn smpai muka cmtu eh?????hurmmmm...........


miss u,guys!

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hello guys!! miss u so much....minggu dpn nk priksa dh....!!so,xleh bkk krap sbgt...tmbhan lg,nk upsr!!!!!huhuh...mcm mimpi ngeri jewrrr....!!!!!hahah

dog tags

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loookkk!!!!!!thiss is my name!!!!!wanna make it???make urself!!!!kidim!

miss all

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helo guys....i'm boring now....who want 2 join me??"ME!"...yup
myself....i don't have anybody....i miss my friends(walaupon bru 2 hari cuti),i miss my classroom,i miss my teacher,i miss my cweet honey dew-dew......

yes!i did it!

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yess!!i did it!wanna know??sy dh buat sy punya daisypath vacation tickers....klau nk tngk aderr kat bwh followers 2...korng nk bwat x??jabb,sy nk bgi adress...kat sini

haaa!!ini untk org yg nk bwat type vacation..nk yg lain2??jab eh..hehe


sharing is caring kn??^____^....tkn jerr kat mna2 adress d'atas....ader laa kluar..pah2,tkn create...bwat laa sndiri...hahah.....that's all i want 2 share....always luv u all.....

happy chinese New Year!

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happy chinese new year guys.....this event, i will holiday 5 days...uuh,FUN!i will spend my holiday at my village,marang, this vacation,i don't have many time 2 play or blogging...coz,i have many homework..huhu...sad yaa?:( ....but i don't care.....hurmm....what else i wanna write haa??jabb....haaa!!NOTHING!!

Best Friends Forever.

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yup..what's the pic.(behind!) is REALL!!show ur friendship....hargai persahabatan anda selagi ada....really,our friendship is more than this....hurmm...xleh kiraa laa...tpi,mmg lbih dri 2...remember this "friendship is more than everyhing,but the second one laa"haha...reka sndiri.....BFF means BEST FRIENDS,this valentine day,i would say i love my friends...not just friends,also familyy.......

yeaa!3 bears song..

u can search at youtube....let's sing together...!!also we can learn other languange..(klu eja sloh,tgur laa,malu nnti)

after babies,now kittens.......

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helo semuaaaa!!hari ni.... sy nk tunjuk gmbr kucing yg hyper,super,mega cuteeeee!!!ok,this is the right time!
tngk sperr 2 ekk??

woww!pakai topi laaa......klau manusia pakai camna....??that's all i want 2 show 4 u more time i will say that i luv u alll!!!!!!(yuckk!)


nothing 2 say or write...

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hi n' assalamualaikum...xjwb dosaaa.....xkira korang bca ke x..erkk klu xbce mne laa korang thu..hahah....i think i'm crazzyyy....heheh....xlama lg sy nk upsr...korang thu kn?jd sy jarang laa bkk n' update blog thu bkn ramai org pon yg bce...n' tngk..huhu...whatever....i don't buat blog ni pon sbb nk luahkn prasaan............ok,ok...

babies pic.

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dierr pakai slimut laa...
tngk nii baby tlinga gajah..haha...costume jerr...

cute babies!

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hari ni sy nk tunjuk baby yg hyper cute!!!nk tngk?
tngk 2...t'jelir dh..haha...still cute!one more!

yg nii pon cute jugak....nk jd baby smula lahh...bleh jd cute..(ellehh...prasan)
smua baby girls...huhu....xperr..asal cute..kan?.nk amik,amik kat fb syer....


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let's sing together!!"geegeegeebabybaby.."


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fynn!!thanxx 4 change my blog's temp. yaa!!!!uishh.....lbih2 dh nie...huhu.....apa2 pon thanxx bnyok2...

hepy together....~~friendship~

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look how hepi are them when "stick" remind me about da friendship.........

show ur happiness

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showw ur happiness juzt like this happy elephant..hepii goo luckyy!!!!d'tujukan ke haziyah (gee)...jngan mrahhh....