Just saving my energy to play games -_-'

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Chitanda Eru // H youka //
Hey !
 I'm back again~ It's about a few months I'm not updating this stuff  >.,<
yeah --' so lazy as hell..
err.not lazy ..I'm just saving my energy to do something else..
such as gaming >3< ??

Game : Osu ; type : Osu!mania ( piano )
have you play this? :D this game is totally awesome *-*
you can choose : Osu ( slider ; using mouse ) , Catch the Beat , 
Osu!Mania ( piano ) and Taiko (drum )
download here ;  http://osu.ppy.sh/p/download
I'm sure you'll addicted to it once you play ne X3
visit my profile too >< ; https://osu.ppy.sh/u/3318868 

Haru Yoshida // Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun //

Oreki Houtarou // Hyouka //

they look alike right? :3
but,Haru is not energy saving-type xD

His motto ^^
okay ~ I think it's enough for today ^-^
jaa ne !~

Thursday , 2 4.1 0.2 0 1 3
3.34 p.m 

Latest by me (─‿‿─)

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Hey ‐^▽^‐
feeling good today XD LOL !
the picture above is my latest art  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
yeahhh..I'm too lazy to finish it and to draw another one -_-''
I have no time for it lahhh..too busy with exercise and tweeting all time :3
wae write in english -.,-''
okey2 ...
ooppps..it's already end .
kbhaiii . :3

neee~ follow please ? 
arigatou,tomocchan ^-^

Monday , 9.9.2013
6.55 pm .

Anime Suggestion =^-^=

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Anime ; Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club
Hey ~ ^-^
these hot guys are from anime "FREE!"
watch it and get nosebleed a lot ^▽^
Hot guys from Swimming Club .

My Favourite Characters are 

Tachibana Makoto

Nagisa Hazuki

Rin Matsuoka

that's all for today :P 
more information about ' FREE! ' ; visit here !

Sunday ,
8.09 .2013 * 12.39 p.m

No title .

Acchi Kocchi * Otonashi Io *

Hey ^.^ Assalamualaikum ~ :>
I don't know what I'm going to write . *krik krik krik*
I want to watch anime but this internet ...not allow me to do that T~T
It becomes slower..slower..and..tap! stop -_- *fling myself*
ah ~ tomorrow is the last day to puasa lah~ :/
hmm . . . . 
then,waiting for 1 syawal .
rasa macam ak sorng je yang semangat nak raya ==''
siap gi iron baju lagi..padahal nnti sumbat dalam beg,berkedut jugak >;<
gyahahahahaha~ ~

sepanjang bulan Ramadhan nih...kat sekolah,ak asyik lukis
bukan lapar..saja amik mood :P

Acchi Kocchi

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from the right ; Otonashi Io , Tsumiki Miniwa , Haruno Hime ,Sakaki Inui , Katase Mayoi ,
Sakimori Saki , Saibara Kyouya , Miyama Kana

Acchi Kocchi  ( Place to Place )
school life , a story about a girl ; Tsumiki falls in love to Otonashi Io because of they're close friend .
she's a shy,childish & tsundere type . Her best friends are Mayoi-chan & Hime .

always teased by Mayoi because of her shyness & afraid to confess .


Tags: Anime, Pixiv Id 2047084, Acchi Kocchi, Miniwa Tsumiki
Tsumiki - short-tempered person towards Mayoi, who often teases Tsumiki about her feelings for Io, resulting in heavy punishments such as throwing Mayoi against a wall.

Mayoi - Tsumiki's best friend .  Loves to tease Tsumiki which often brought her severe repercussions from the latter. 

HimeEasily gets a nosebleed when she's flustered or riled up.

Io - He is dense and stoic, yet kind at heart. He is oblivious toTsumiki 's crush on him, but she is the closest girl to him regardless

Inui - Together with Mayoi, he makes up the prankster duo in the friendship circle

credit to ; Acchi Kocchi Wikia

Tuesday .

Comeback X3

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Hey ! Assalamualaikum ~
comeback after a few months ..not update --''
feel like missing something .. *bajet je buat comeback :P *
busy with watching anime .. and Running Man XDD
can't stop laughing LOL !

I don't remember what the episode but..it's totally awesome ! *-*
addicted when Mirah give me her pendrive..full of running man =='
and now ,I can't concentrate to my anime . T^T *sobsobsob*
but,I will never stop being an Otaku :>

K-ON ! Character Image Songs

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Yui Hirasawa
平沢唯 ( Hirasawa Yui )
class : 3-2

Tsumugi Kotobuki
寿紬 。( Kotobuki Tsumugi )
class : 3-2

Mio Akiyama
秋山澪。( Akiyama Mio )
class : 3-2
Ritsu's childhood friend

Ritsu Tainaka
田井中葎。 ( Tainaka Ritsu )
class : 3-2
Mio's childhood friend

Azusa Nakano
中野梓。( Nakano Azusa )
class : 2-1

Chika Nojima
野島ちか。( Nojima Chika )
class : 3-2

Haruna Okada
岡田春菜。( Okada Haruna )
class : 3-2

Eri Taki
滝エリ。 ( Taki Eri )
class : 3-2

Nodoka Manabe
真鍋のどか。( Manabe Nodoka )
class : 3-2
Yui's childhood friend

Ui Hirasawa
平沢憂い。 ( Hirasawa Ui )
class : 2-1
Yui's younger sister

Ichigo Wakaouji
若王子いちご。 ( Wakaouji Ichigo )
class : 3-2

Jun Suzuki
鈴木純。 ( Suzuki Jun )
class : 2-1

that's all I get ^^
more information and picture? HERE !

Wednesday ,

Death Note

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Death Note . yes! another interesting anime

characters :

Yagami Light  (夜神月, Yagami Raito)
also known as Kira (キラ)

(エル, Eru
also known as Hideki Ryuga (流河 旱樹, Ryūga Hideki)

Ryuk (リューク, Ryūku
Shinigami species

Misa Amane (弥 海砂, Amane Misa)
Also known as Misa-Misa or ( second ) Kira

Rem (レム, Remu)
shinigami species

Near (ニア, Nia)
Also known as N (second ) L

Mello  (メロ, Mero)
Also known as M (Emu)

source : Death Note wikia ^^
happy reading & watching 
you can watch anime in this too ~ LINK

Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kai

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another interesting anime 
It's continuing from the first series 
"Higurashi no naku koro Ni"

character :


Furude Rika

Houjou Satoko

Maebara Keichii

Rena Ryuuguu

Try watch it and you will know what happen :3
i think this is a Rena is yandere-type ^^
here the information or more picture of Higurashi no naku koro ni Kai :-)

Tuesday ,