SNSD’s Sunny went to the Hospital #prayforsnsd

A Summary of Sunny’s incident today:
When the concert just started, people did not notice anything weird, until when the girls started their self introduction, sones noticed that Sunny was not as bright. And from Etude onwards, Sunny never appeared on the stage, her solo stage was also cancelled.
No one knew what happened to Sunny, until towards the end of the concert, Taeyeon told everyone that Sunny went to the hospital.
Yet after that Sunny suddenly appeared on the stage, she was still wearing the outfit they used for the first stage. She kept apologising to everyone, saying that “Sorry for making everyone worried for me, because I’m not the only one who’s not feeling well due to the busy schedule, but thank you everyone for giving us support and energy.”
She also said that “I’m not the only one who’s sick in SNSD, but I left the stage halfway, I’m so sorry! I went to the hospital for some infusion just now.”, and she continued apologising.
And then Taeyeon cried, Seohyun also cried. Taeyeon also hugged Sunny and said thank you. Everyone shouted “Sunny” to cheer her up.
Seohyun also said, “Having a tour concert has been our goal and dream, because of you we’re able to let it come true within a short period of time, thank you!”
It left with the last song – fantastic. Sunny really sang along, but all nine girls cried hard while singing. Seohyun cried especially hard, she even hugged Sunny all of a sudden, while Sica helped Sunny wipe away her tears.
After the concert ended, no one left. Everyone shouted “So nyuh shi dae”, waving their lightsticks. And this lasted for some times before everyone left.
Japanese Sones all commented that they feel proud knowing SNSD, at the end of the concert.
Sones are trending #prayforsnsd on twitter to show their love and support, trying to do something for their 9 exhausted angels. Join in the trend too!
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