until Now on~!

what the heck with the title?
haha~! it's just a title ,not about this entry..^o^
and i'm proud...you?

Malay Mode :ON!

haha..~daa start dh...Hari Raya dh dekat..
persiapan?dh ready dh kot..<-- boleh plak ckp cmtu..?
ceyh..~! best giler ar smalam..main pijak2 kasut smbil kata "Last Day"
bengang muka org yg kasutnya dipijak..Haha..sory yerk..XDD

Tp,ada gak org yg mrah...tu org yg malas basuh kasut lerr tu...wahaha..pdn muke..*jht orh*

Back to English Mode..~

hope you're understand with my story...hehe...~
hurmm..now my interest about Kpop is totally decrease! 
and my interest about anime,manga ,jpop is increase...~!!higher~

suggesting ;try hear the AAA 'with you" song..if you're inuyasha's fan,you must know it,kay..:))

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