Clannad After Story Funny Moment #2

Okazaki : What would you do if you found a button said  ''dont press''?
Fuko : Fuko will hide it and press it secretly.
Okazaki : That Was the launch button of the nuke.
Okazaki : The earth would be gone in less than 3 days!
Fuko : Theres a question for you too.what would you do if tights that say ''dont wear'' were lying on the ground?
Okazaki : I'd Leave them alone.
Fuko : You're lying!Fuko sure that ,you not being able to control yourself, you'd put them on!
                                                     ~ OKAZAKI'S THE BEST! ~ *BOOM!*


Akio : When I said landmine,it's Sanae's bread!
Sanae : So my bread was... Furukawa bread's... landmine?! *run* 
Akio : *eat the bread* I love them! *run after Sanae*

Akio was giving Nagisa a few suggestions on how to make friends in her new class, such as calling the teacher Ultra Mom and sharing Sanae's bread.

Akio : Then,how about sharing this with the class?
Nagisa : Mom's bread?
Akio : There must be someone willing to suffer through eating this.Talk to kind people like that.
           Though,I think that's too much to ask
Sanae : So my bread was.. my bread was.. too much to ask for?! *run away*
Akio : *eat the crab bread* I love them! *run after Sanae*

Clannad Funny moment XD

Sanae : Um,is there a problem?
Okazaki : You want to hear it?
                To be frank,this is a failure.
*Sanae shock!*
Sanae : It wasn't good?
Okazaki : There is a problem with the taste,but first at all,it's too difficult to eat.It's natural that you get leftovers.
Sanae : So my... my bread is... It was natural there would be leftovers?! *run away*

gudnite and enjoy! ;D

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