Hajimemashite !

Manga : Mou Shoujo Manga Nante?!!
yooo ~
sorry for not active lately -////- and I started feeling sooo awkward because lama sangat tak update~
As seen,yeah I attracted to shoujo , romance , love  manga OvO
it's not weird la for us especially otaku or weaboo.

this year is the important year for me because there's a big exam that students call PBSMR,PPMR or something else..padahal tak decide nama lagi pon =w=
dulu PMR ..but I called it 'Ujian Kemasukan Sekolah Tinggi'ajet-ajet la macam stay kat Jepun 
for sure la nak pergi sekolah yang lebih baik..much better >s<
btw,batch 99 is the first batch for this stuffs..seriously ._. 

apa-apa pun, pray for me ne,minna-san >o<
wish me luck ! Ganbatte !!! 


tbh , I fall in love with him . Ousuke Shibata
huehue~ this year also will be bad like last year TuT
don't know why but it's normal lah . and my japanese / drawing also improves a lot than last year

the latest :D kekeke

Sakura Momoiro . Original Character . (16)
ehh..made it myself lel -..-' drawing or sketching is not complicated tho .
you can do it too with some practice ^^
i can teach you /eh really? uso desuu ~~\
so everyone  good luck .!

10.37 pm
8.02.2014 , Saturday .

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