good evening~!

ah!hello there~
i want to show you a few image of VOCALOID!
keke...i laugh when i look at it..XD

Karaoke I - Len Kagamine!keke..look at the back! XD 
Kaito kicked by Meiko :3

Karaoke II - Rin Kagamine..~good but..hehe..someone drunk at the back...:3

Karaoke III - it'S Miku's turn..and Luka-san still read the book..--"
Meiko kiss Len?!! :o

Karaoke IV - Kaito's turn!Meiko hug Miku at the back!

Karaoke V - Meiko's turn..owh..she sing with all her heart
and drunk..=,="

that's all that i get..nextime i'll show you more.. ;)

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