Mix Feeling^^

bleh jgk tngk Anime!! nk smbung tngk Clannad..^^
happy kjap! XDD
sjak akhir2 nii,aq dh kurng stalk mamat tuh..ntah nape..suka tuh suka..
tp,xtau..lahh..best sngat ngan Anime smpai lupa kat diaa..
alahhh..biar  laa...xkesah ponn.. :P


Kotomi is quite cute when say "bounjor" to Kyou-chan..
wowww! *impress*
haha..usually i skipped the Clannad opening song..
i don't know but this time i hear it till the end..
huh!i'm getting weird.. :o
haha..maybe bcause it so long i'm not hearing that opening song..
and..i'm crazier to the Clannad ending song "Big Dango Family"
i think it is cute too..right?ngeeee~ :D

long time not seeing Fuko-chan around..where is she?already wake up or...?
whatever.. :P
bubyee!~ nk enjoy lg cter Clannad nii.. :D
see you in the next post,ya?

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