CLANNAD After Story ^^

Assalamualaikum!~ こんにちは!
today i want to watch all CLANNAD episode..
and now,i'm watching CLANNAD After Story ^o^
Okazaki-san express his feeling to Nagisa-chan..uwaaa!
so sweet ^^

kyaaaa! *,*"

you should watch this too..nyaaa~ :3  
Sunohara want a fake,he asked Ryou-chan..
Ryou-chan was shocked and crying..
then...,Kyou ran to him and throw a book to Sunohara-san..
nyahahaha X3

After that,Sunohara-san asked Sakagami Tomoyo to be his fake

but,it not works..mwahaha..want to know more watch CLANNAD on 
Youtube or GoGoAnime..~

ok2..we'll continued this talk later..
i want to watch CLANNAD first..nyaaa..~ BYE2~
相原ゆきの :)

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  1. Yuuyaa macam bestlah anime ni~ nak tengoklah~ Hehe~ xD